About Us

Harambe Trust’s Approach

Harambe Trust believes that Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship are central drivers for creating lasting societal change. It is our conviction that engagement with social issues must be deep, meaningful and formed on the bedrock of long-term commitment. We run our programs on a strong foundation of ethical principles, good governance and sound management. This includes, among other things, holding ourselves up to public scrutiny through a framework of transparent and rigorous reporting.

The central tenets of our approach have an emphasis on strong, meaningful work on systemic social issues. Our approach articulated below therefore reflects these principles and strategies

The 3 Pillars of Our Approach

a.  The Strategic: We choose domains and issues to engage with that are force multipliers for social change and sustainable development.

b.  The Systemic: Within the chosen domains, we choose to engage on systemic issues that require deep, meaningful and challenging work. Given the nature of social change, this implies commitment over the long term.

c.   The Deliberative: Our emphasis on depth and on long term commitment implies a deliberative approach that precludes spreading ourselves thin and involves meaningful collaboration and partnership with government, private sector and civil society for maximum impact.

In conclusion: We believe that harnessing Education, Entrepreneurship and Employment opportunities and their benefits is critical to the development of Zimbabwe and Africa at large. It is imperative that innovative ways are leveraged to address the widening economic divide, as such we are proposing homegrown solutions to close the gap using a framework for social and environmental initiatives both within the organization as well as outside. Our endeavour will be to continuously and dynamically build on this and steer it in the right directions.

The coming together of business, government and civil society to address society’s biggest challenges holds great promise – it is an idea whose time has come. To this, we will bring our distinctive vision, commitment and energy.

Education, Entrepreneurship and Employability

Harambe Trust is implementing programs which target diverse marginalized groups of people. These groups are inclusive of women, youth, people with disabilities and prison inmates. As an organisation there was a necessity to include and intertwine each of these programs with education, entrepreneurship and employability skills. The participants of each program will go through a tailor-made training. This training will include agricultural and technical training, capacity building, leadership and entrepreneurship training, basic project cycle development and budget management. With the skills gathered through education and entrepreneurship training the intention is for individuals to be able to branch out and be employable or be able to create employment for others. This in turn creates a cycle and chain which empowers other people

Education: Harambe aims to provide educational opportunities to disenfranchised groups in Zimbabwean communities and witness the reduction of social and economic inequalities amongst these communities.

Entrepreneurship: With the vast training and skills acquired by our focus groups, it is Harambe’s aspiration that sustainable businesses are intentionally created within communities and give room for community development.

Employability: Our desire as Harambe is to see disenfranchised individuals as self-reliant and have the capacity to be employable or create employment for others within their own communities.